ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – While giving written directions for Nasla Tower, the Supreme Court Karachi Registry directed to increase the number of employees for destruction of Nasla Tower and granted Tijori Heights 20 days.

At the Supreme Court Karachi Registry, a three-member bigger bench led by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard significant matters. The Supreme Court issued formal directives in writing.

The Supreme Court ordered Commissioner Karachi to increase the number of labourers from 200 to 400 in the Nusla Tower case.

According to the judgement, the commissioner Karachi shall hire 400 labourers to dismantle the structure. The written judgement further specified that commissioner Karachi should guarantee that the Nasla tower be demolished within a week, and that the process of removing the race tower be made safe.

Previously, Mohsin Shaikhani, Chairman of the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD), stated that the Nasla Tower issue is a Karachi problem and cautioned that a sense of deprivation is growing in the port city.

Chairman ABAD said during a news conference with FPCCI officials that no one should question the institutions that award the property because the complete structure was not built in a day.

Mohsin Shaikhani stated that the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary of Sindh should be held accountable and encouraged them to sit down with them and work together to improve Karachi.

Chairman ABAD requested that if the government is unable to administer institutions correctly, they be privatised.

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