NEW DELHI (AFP) – Indian security forces murdered 13 people in Nagaland’s northeastern province of Nagaland when they opened fire on a vehicle and then opened fire on a throng assembled to protest the attack, authorities said Sunday.

“Right now, the situation throughout the entire Mon district is quite tight. We have 13 verified dead, one of them was a labourer from outside Nagaland “Sandeep M. Tamgadge, a state police official, described the Saturday tragedy.

Tamgadge stated that six labourers were slain by security personnel who had set up an ambush on their way back to their houses in Oting village.

After discovering the dead, family members went in search of the missing guys and encountered security agents.

“They then went to the local security personnel to interrogate and challenge them about the deaths,” Tamgadge explained.

“This is where the two sides clashed, and the security forces opened fire, killing seven additional individuals,” he continued.

The Indian army claimed in a statement that it was chasing rebels in the region based on “reliable intelligence.”

It went on to say that one member of the security forces was slain and several were injured in the subsequent incident.

“The reason of the regrettable loss of lives is being probed at the highest level,” the statement stated, adding that “necessary action will be taken in accordance with the course of law.”

The chief minister of Nagaland pleaded for calm and launched an investigation.

“The sad event that resulted in the massacre of citizens in Oting, Mon is very condemnable,” he tweeted. “An appeal for peace from all quarters.”

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