KHARTOUM, Sudan (AFP) – As doubts grow over the democratic transition in Sudan, opposition groups are planning additional rallies on Sunday to celebrate the third anniversary of major demonstrations that ousted President Omar al-tyranny. Bashir’s

Thousands of supporters have been mobilised by political parties and neighbourhood organisations to protest General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the brutal crackdown he has overseen since his October 25 coup.

The organisers’ slogan is “No negotiation, no partnership, no legitimacy,” and they are vehemently opposed to a new partnership agreement that civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok reached with the military while still under house arrest last month.

Under the November 21 deal, Hamdok was restored, and Sudan’s first free elections since 1986 were slated for July 2023.

Many of Hamdok’s pro-democracy followers, on the other hand, saw it as a gift to the generals, providing a veneer of legitimacy for Burhan’s coup.

Security personnel have violently suppressed previous rallies against the military takeover. According to the independent Doctors’ Committee, at least 45 people have been murdered and hundreds have been injured around the country.

In Sudanese history, December 19 has a special significance.

It was not only the day in 2018 when thousands of people took to the streets to put an end to Bashir’s three decades in power, but it was also the day in 1955 when Sudanese legislators proclaimed independence from British colonial control.

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