Following the unfortunate deaths of more than 20 tourists in their automobiles after getting stuck due to severe snowfall in the area, the federal government sent Pakistan Army and other civil-armed forces for rescue operations in Murree on Saturday.

The death of a four-year-old girl has brought the total number of victims to 23. In Jhika Gali, a small girl died. According to rescue authorities, she was suffering from a severe cold and pneumonia. She died because she was unable to be brought to the hospital in time.

At least 23 people have died so far, according to rescue officials, as vehicles remain stranded in several feet of snow. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the Minister of Interior, later confirmed the death toll in a statement on Saturday night.

The minister described the situation as a “natural tragedy” in which the area had seen “severe snowfall.”

He claimed that cars were unable to continue on to Murree, so others began walking there, only to be stopped as well.

“In an hour or two,” he continued, “we aim to have the issue under control.”

The deaths, according to the ministry, were caused by “suffocation.”

Heavy gear has been dispatched to Murree to rescue visitors, according to the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA).

Machinery has also been dispatched to the Lower Topa area, according to the report.

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