Kabul, Afghanistan (AFP) – Officials told AFP that a bomb blast on a minibus killed at least seven people in the western Afghan city of Herat on Saturday.

The sticky bomb was affixed to the bus’s fuel tank, wounding nine other persons.

“Four women were among the seven slain,” said Arif Jalali, the superintendent of Herat’s regional hospital.

Herat’s intelligence agency verified the explosion.

“Initial indications indicate it was a sticky device attached to the passenger vehicle’s gasoline tank,” said Sabit Harwi, an office spokesperson.

The explosive detonation was also verified by Herat regional police.

Since the Taliban’s two-decade war ended in August with the hardline Islamist group’s control of Kabul, security in Afghanistan has significantly improved.

Each week, however, many incidents are reported around the country, some of which are claimed by the Islamic State’s regional affiliate.

Herat, the country’s third-largest city and a short distance from the Iranian border, has remained relatively calm in recent months.

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