(Source: Reuters) According to experts, Intel Corp’s recent focus on developing chips to match expanding demand will allow Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.O), its main competitor in the server and PC industry, to gain a stronger footing in the area.

From 2023 to 2026, Intel anticipates sales from its PC sector to increase in the low to mid single digits, and revenue from its datacenter and AI division to rise in the high teens, according to the company, which plans major expenditures in chip technology over the next four years.

On Friday, the company’s stock dropped by around 6%, while AMD’s stock dropped by 1%.

When AMD concluded its $50 billion Xilinx transaction earlier this week, its market worth momentarily surpassed Intel’s. AMD is presently around $1 billion shy of Intel’s $182 billion market valuation, and both companies are considerably behind Nvidia (NVDA.O), which has a market cap of $585 billion.

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