Ukrainian President Putin announced a special military operation in Donbas this morning. Russia carried out airstrikes against our military facilities and border guards. “There were bombs heard in numerous places around Ukraine,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated in a speech to the country, according to CNN.
“We’re imposing martial law over our entire country,” he declared.

The declaration came after explosions rang out throughout Ukraine, and Russian President Vladimir Putin warned other countries not to become involved.

Zelensky also stated in his announcement that he had spoken with President Biden, who issued a statement criticising Russia’s conduct and threatening repercussions.

“I had a chat with President Biden a minute ago.” “The United States has already begun to rally international support,” he added.

Zelensky has already stated that Ukraine would not cede any land to Russia and has advised his compatriots to remain calm on Thursday morning.

“Today, each of you should maintain your cool. If possible, stay at home. We’re hard at work. The army is at work. “The whole defence and security sector is operational,” Zelensky stated.

“Don’t be alarmed. We are powerful. We are prepared for everything. “Because we are Ukraine, we will win over everyone,” he continued.

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