ISLAMABAD: At a ceremony in Islamabad on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the issue of interest-free loans under the Kamyab Pakistan Program.

Speaking during the Faisal Mosque’s inauguration ceremony. Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that the current administration is working hard to offer financial resources to the young for the country’s elevation.
The state is responsible for the upliftment of marginalised parts of society, and we [the PTI administration] have brought nearly 4.5 million families under the Kamyab Pakistan Program (KPP).

During the next two years, the PM added, loans of Rs 407 billion will be distributed among youngsters, women, farmers, and for the construction of low-income housing under the Kamyab Pakistan Program.

Owning a home remains a major objective for the salaried class, and the government is working hard to make this a reality. For the first time, banks are granting loans to the salaried class for this reason.

During that time, the government would pay a Rs 56 billion subsidy for the purpose.
He went on to say that the Kamyab Pakistan Program’s main goal is to help low-income Pakistanis and boost economic growth.

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan, “had to be a welfare state like Medina,” but “we lost our path soon after becoming an independent state,” he continued.

The legislation in Medina was equal for the mighty and the poor, according to the premier, who added that the same laws are now being followed by non-muslim governments.

PM Imran Khan said he will inaugurate the Rahmatul-lil Alameen authority tomorrow with the goal of familiarising our young with Hazrat Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatam-un-Nabiyeen Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Ala Alayhee Wa Ashabehi Wassalam’s life and teachings.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed delight with the FBR’s record income collection, claiming that the government was able to decrease the price of fuel and diesel by ten rupees per litre and the electricity cost by five rupees per unit as a result of the increased revenue. He urged people to pay their taxes, promising that the money would be utilised to help the needy and ease the burden of inflation on the general public.

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