WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that even if Russia’s Vladimir Putin succeeds on the battlefield in Ukraine, he would pay in the long run.

In his State of the Union speech, Biden remarked, “While he may achieve successes on the battlefield, he will pay a continued high price in the long run.”

In a State of the Union speech that he altered to criticise Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine, US President Joe Biden received a standing ovation for the beleaguered Ukrainian people on Tuesday.

“Let everyone of us, if we’re able, rise and send a clear signal to Ukraine and the rest of the world,” Biden urged.

Following similar actions by the European Union and Canada in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, the US administration placed a ban on Russian planes from American airspace on Tuesday.

In his State of the Union speech, Biden said, “I am announcing that we will join our partners in blocking off American airspace to all Russian planes, further isolating Russia and putting an extra strain on their economy.”

“He has no idea what’s coming,” Biden remarked of Putin, departing from his planned statements.

In his remarks, he slammed Putin, claiming that the Russian leader had terribly underestimated Ukraine.

“He believed that if he rolled into Ukraine, the entire world would fall apart. Instead, he ran against a wall of power he had not anticipated. He met the people of Ukraine “he stated “Their boldness, fortitude, and resolve inspire the globe, from President Zelenskiy to every Ukrainian.”

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