Poland said on Wednesday that it had expelled 45 Russian diplomats for espionage, an accusation that Russia’s envoy to Poland swiftly dismissed as false.

Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski made the announcement on Twitter.

“Poland has ejected 45 Russian spies posing as diplomats,” he continued. “We are destroying the Russian special services network in our country.”

Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreyev confirmed the expulsions, telling reporters that those impacted had been given five days to leave Poland.

“These charges are without merit,” he stated, adding that Russia has the right to retaliate with harsh measures.

He remarked, “The embassies stay, the ambassadors stay,” referring to bilateral diplomatic ties.

According to a spokesman for the Polish foreign ministry, “Russia has been waging a savage war against Ukraine for more than three weeks.”

“And Russia sees us and other Western countries as its primary adversaries,” Lukasz Jasina added.

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