Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi met with Afghan Interim Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi today in Huangshan on the sidelines of China’s Third Meeting of Afghanistan’s Neighboring Countries.

The Foreign Minister underlined Pakistan’s complete support for a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Afghanistan, highlighting areas of close engagement like as commerce, people mobility, and connectivity. He also informed Foreign Minister Muttaqi on the outcome of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers’ 48th Session in Islamabad, when member states voiced support with Afghanistan. On the fringes of the Islamabad Conference, the Charter for the Humanitarian Trust Fund for Afghanistan was also signed.

Pakistan, according to the Foreign Minister, welcomes the international community’s sustained engagement with Afghanistan in order to promote the goals of a sovereign, stable, and economically robust Afghanistan that contributes to regional peace and stability.

Pakistan, according to the Foreign Minister, recognises the Interim Afghan Government’s efforts to restore domestic stability. The Foreign Minister also emphasised the significance of meeting the international community’s expectations for inclusion, respect for all Afghans’ human rights, education for females, and action against terrorist groups. The Foreign Minister went on to say that Pakistan has been pleading with the international community to solve Afghanistan’s pressing humanitarian needs while also ensuring the country’s economic stability.

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