According to the Daily Mail, social media giant Meta has confirmed that a flaw caused the propagation of disinformation on Facebook between October and March.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has confirmed that a problem caused a “surge of disinformation” and other dangerous items to surface in users’ News Feeds.

According to an internal memo, Meta programmers failed for over six months to delete posts from’repeat disinformation offenders.’

According to the dossier, Facebook’s systems also failed to demote or delete information connected to nudity, violence, and Russian state media during the conflict in Ukraine.

Speaking with The Verge According to Meta spokesman Joe Osborne, they discovered discrepancies in downranking on five different instances, which linked with minor, transitory improvements in internal measures.

He went on to say that they tracked the problem back to a software flaw and fixed it. However, the problem had no significant long-term impact on our results.

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