According to a questionnaire seen by Reuters, EU antitrust regulators are interrogating Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) competitors and customers about its cloud business and licencing arrangements, which might lead to a formal investigation and increased scrutiny of the U.S. software giant.

Over the previous decade, the European Commission penalised Microsoft a total of 1.6 billion euros ($1.8 billion) for breaking EU antitrust legislation and failing to comply with its order to cease anti-competitive behaviour.

Following the filing of complaints by German software business NextCloud, France’s OVHcloud (OVH.PA), and two other firms over Microsoft’s cloud activities, the corporation finds itself back on the EU competition enforcer’s radar.

“The Commission has information that Microsoft may be misusing its potentially dominant position in some software businesses to hinder competition on certain cloud computing services,” according to the questioning.

Regulators have questioned whether Microsoft’s licencing arrangements with cloud service providers allow competitors to compete effectively.

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