As the war enters its third month, US President Joe Biden offered a $33 billion plan for arming and helping Ukraine, stating that “caving” in to Russia is not an option for the West.

Biden also discussed proposed new regulations to allow the use of luxury assets seized from Russian oligarchs as a result of extraordinary sanctions to recompense Ukraine for the havoc inflicted by the invading Russians in a speech at the White House.

He understood the high costs of US support for Ukraine, but in the fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said there was no other option.

“This war does not come cheap. However, giving in to aggressiveness would be more costly if we allow it to happen “he stated

Biden stated that the US has already delivered 10 tank-killing munitions for every Russian tank moved into the country, reflecting the scope of US aid to Ukraine, which is badly mauling the larger and more highly armed Russian forces.

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