In a news conference in Peshawar, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that his party’s long march to Islamabad will begin on May 25.

“Today we conducted our core committee meeting and we made [important] decisions,” Imran stated at the outset of his news conference, accompanied by the PTI’s top brass. “The most important [issue] was when to start the lengthy march, and we have made our decision.”

“I’d want to provide some context for how we arrived here. The US was involved in a foreign plot against Pakistan. They utilised locals in this regime transition – the most corrupt people who were willing to join any scheme to safeguard their own corruption.

“This conspiracy was conceived eight months ago, and I was made aware of it in June. By August, I had a complete understanding of what was going on.” We tried all we could to prevent this plot, but we were unable to do so.”

Before declaring the date, the PTI chairman detailed his suspicions of conspiracy as well as the aim of his march.

“I will see you in Islamabad on the Srinagar Highway on the 25th [of May],” Imran told his fans and party members. “You must arrive at 3 p.m..” Because I’ve seen your rage, I’m inviting all the ladies. That was something I had never seen before.

“Because this is Jihad, not politics, I want people from all walks of life to come. I’ve chosen and told my entire team that we must be willing to put our lives on the line.”

The statement came after the PTI’s core committee met earlier in the day in the province capital.

Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif, a spokesperson for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa administration, stated before the meeting that Imran will preside over it and that several key decisions would be made.

Imran had said at a public assembly in Multan on Friday that the Azadi March to Islamabad will be decided today during the core committee meeting. He also stated that the dates will be between May 25 and 29.

The PTI leader stated that the core committee would discuss the march’s preparations in addition to agreeing on a date for the lengthy march.

“The core committee will also devise a strategy for dealing with the predicted arrests of PTI leaders as well as roadblocks to prevent them from marching on Islamabad,” he had stated.

Imran has held a series of large public rallies across the country since his ouster as prime minister on April 10, calling his removal a foreign conspiracy and urging the public to prepare for a march to the capital to pressure the authorities into accepting his demand for immediate elections in the country.

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