The largest international airline in the world, Emirates, said today that it has committed $200 million to research and development (R&D) initiatives aimed at lessening the effect of fossil fuels on commercial aviation.

With money to be distributed over three years, this is the largest single commitment to sustainability made by any airline. Emirates will seek for collaborations with top companies developing cutting-edge fuel and energy technology.

“We are ring-fencing US$ 200 million to invest in advanced fuel and energy solutions for aviation, which is where airlines currently face the biggest impediment to reducing our environmental impact,” said Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline. We carefully considered the realities of commercial aircraft and engine technology, the fuel supply chain, and the environmental and regulatory requirements for our sector. It is obvious that our sector will not be able to reach net zero objectives within the required timeframe using the present methods open to airlines for carbon reduction.

“We think our sector needs better solutions, which is why we’re eager to collaborate on research and development with renowned firms. Our goal is to make a significant contribution to workable solutions for the long-term viability of commercial aviation.

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