ISLAMABAD: According to Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, South Balochistan, particularly Gwadar, now has reliable power after the initiative to import 100 megawatts of inexpensive energy from Iran was completed.

According to him, this initiative would herald in a new age of growth and wealth in the underdeveloped districts of Balochistan. He was in Islamabad briefing the Federal Cabinet about the specifics of his recent trip to the Pakistan-Iran border.

Mand-Pishin Border Market, according to Shehbaz Sharif, was also launched and would provide citizens on both sides of the Pakistan-Iran border commercial and job possibilities.

According to him, the Iranian President also shown a genuine interest in fostering bilateral commerce between Iran and Pakistan, and there was good conversation about how to work together in the areas of solar energy, research, and technology.

A high-level team led by the foreign minister will visit Iran, the prime minister said, to check that these concerns are being addressed.

In order to transform the Pakistan-Iran border into a representation of peace, fraternity, progress, and prosperity, he told the Cabinet that both Pakistan and Iran had decided to further improve the border security system.

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