ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Tuesday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan would be prosecuted in a military court for the vandalism on May 9.

Speaking to a private news station, Mr Sanaullah accused the ousted PM of “personally planning attacks” on military sites before to his detention, adding that there was proof to back up this accusation.

Mr Sanaullah said on Monday that individuals who assaulted military sites would face no leniency, even if they had left the PTI.

He suggested that if other party leaders separated themselves from the party and denounced the May 9 assaults, they may be granted relief. “Anyone who was inside the red line of the Corps Commander House in Lahore will face punishment,” he continued.

He continued by stating that there were two categories of people involved: motivators and doers. “PTI chief Imran Khan is among the motivators,” he said. When it was pointed out that Mr Khan was not inside the actual red line, he reiterated that Mr Khan was an instigator.

Mr Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi, was also cited as a motivation. Concerning the treatment of PTI women leaders in prison, he promised them that they would not be mistreated.

Following Mr Khan’s detention before to the elections, he said that Mr Khan may be arrested in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case as well as the May 9 assaults proceedings. “He could be disqualified if convicted after arrest,” he said.

Concerning law enforcement adopting preventive steps before to the assaults, he said that the operation would have been effective if the state had employed full power. “The government did not give the go-ahead to law enforcement because there was a risk of bloodshed, and it could have provided an opportunity for Mr Khan to use it as a political stunt,” he continued.

In terms of military tribunals, Mr Sanaullah said that they will take place after a comprehensive investigation into their participation in the assaults. “Some people have even stolen sensitive documents from the Corps Commander’s House,” he said.

He said that no decision had been made to charge Dr Yasmin Rashid and Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed.

When asked about placing Mr Khan on military trial, he said that the military would make the ultimate choice, adding that Mr Khan was the key instigator. “A military team has been formed to prosecute him in seven cases,” he said.

In response to a query, he said that the PML-N will seek a judicial review of Nawaz Sharif’s removal as party head. “The party will request CJP Bandial to step aside for the case,” he said.

Mr Sharif said that his return to the nation was contingent on his health and the outcome of the country’s elections. “Elections should be held in October, and they will be,” he said.

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