KYIV/MOSCOW (Reuters) – In what one legislator described as the greatest such assault since World War Two, Ukrainian drones attacked Moscow on Tuesday, according to Russia. Kyiv also received airstrikes for the third time in 24 hours.

The battle has mostly been fought within Ukraine since Russia dispatched soldiers to its neighbour in February of last year, however Moscow has claimed several strikes on its territory, one of which it claims was an attempt at President Vladimir Putin’s assassination.

The early-morning assault on Tuesday targeted some of Moscow’s richest neighbourhoods, including a western region where Putin and other prominent people live. He subsequently attended a briefing on the incident in the Kremlin, according to a spokesperson.

While Baza, a Telegram group with connections to the security services, claimed that more than 25 drones were involved, the Russian defence ministry said that eight drones deployed by Kiev were shot down or redirected.

The mayor of Moscow said that two individuals were hurt while several residential buildings were momentarily evacuated. Residents reported hearing loud explosions and then smelling fuel. A drone being shot down and a smoke cloud were seen on camera.

Maxim Ivanov, a lawmaker, referred to it as the most significant attack on Moscow since the Nazis, and he said that no person could now evade “the new reality.” “You will either defeat the enemy as a single fist with our Motherland, or the indelible shame of cowardice, collaboration, and betrayal will engulf your family,” he stated.

Two drones detonated above the Kremlin earlier this month in an incident that Russia also blamed on Kiev and said was directed at Putin.
Alexander Khinshtein, another Russian member, warned that “the sabotage and terrorist attacks against Ukraine will only increase” and demanded a drastic bolstering of defences.

Mykhailo Podolyak, a presidential assistant for Ukraine, refuted claims that Kiev was directly engaged in Tuesday’s attacks on Moscow, but he said, “We are pleased to watch,” and hinted that there might be more to come.

The conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives, dislocated millions of people, left cities in ruins, and wrecked havoc on the world economy. It has been at a chaotic standoff for the most of 2023 with Russian soldiers holding several eastern Ukrainian provinces.


According to Kyiv, the latest assaults by Russia on Tuesday resulted in 34 injuries, including two children, and four fatalities throughout Ukraine.

“Russia is attempting to subdue us and our will. To keep us, the security and defence sector, from preparing to carry out crucial responsibilities, Ihor Klymenko, Ukraine’s interior minister, said that peaceful civilians should be deprived of their sleep.

More than 20 Iranian-made Shahed drones were shot down in the capital, according to Ukrainian military officials.

According to authorities, a high-rise residential block in Kyiv was struck by debris from a wrecked Russian rocket, starting a fire that resulted in one death and four injuries. Two higher levels were damaged, and it’s possible that some individuals are still there.

The building’s roof was engulfed in flames.

In May, Russia launched 17 missile or drone attacks on Kyiv, the most of which occurred at night, in an apparent effort to sap Ukrainians’ desire to fight after more than 15 months of hostilities.

However, Ukraine claims that Patriot anti-missile defences it received from the United States have a 100% interception record.

In an effort to evict Russian invaders from land that was taken in Moscow’s ostensible “special military operation” to “denazify” its neighbour and safeguard Russian speakers, Kyiv has promised a counteroffensive armed with Western weaponry.

Opponents in the West refer to it as an imperialist land grab.

There have been rumours about Putin attending a meeting in South Africa in August, where authorities would theoretically be required to detain him since he is sought by the International Criminal Court on war crimes charges.

When questioned about it, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, said that Russia will attend the BRICS summit at “the proper level,” with further information to be revealed. China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa make up the group.

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