RAWALPINDI – On Wednesday, PTI defector Fawad Chaudhry visited Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Adiala prison.

The gathering highlighted the discussion of the present political climate. Mr. Chaudhry pleaded with Mr. Qureshi to leave custody, stating that it was his top goal to free imprisoned political activists. He said, “They need to make coordinated efforts to get the nation out of the mud.

According to Mr. Qureshi, helping activists and the general public out of tough situations is urgently needed.

Speaking at a news conference with PTI defectors is Fawad

Earlier, Mr. Chaudhry said he would resume his political activism in an effort to save the nation from its current predicament.

Mr. Chaudhry emphasised the need to demonstrate “collective responsibility” for putting “several innocent people and activists behind bars” when speaking at a news conference with PTI defectors Imran Ismail and Mahmood Moulvi. Mr. Chaudhry said that the party defectors had discussions and added that Shah Mehmood Qureshi had a thorough conversation as well.

He launched another attack on the current administration, claiming that the country could not be left in the hands of the Zardaris and Nawaz Sharifs.

“It is our joint obligation to free those who are in prison since they had no direct involvement in these incidents. Even if it occurred previously, we must all work together to put an end to it, Mr. Chaudhry said.

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